Amanda Roman


My work is about existence. I see myself as an observer, and also as an active participant in this world. My paintings are reflections on growth and development. They reflect physicality, change, femininity, and personal experiences. In my painting process, I always work from observation. Once I focus on one object or scene, usually something in nature, I let my mind escape into thoughts about the movement and form which exists in whatever I am looking at. While recording what I see, I reflect on personal experiences. I characterize those experiences on the canvas.

Nature moves me. I am compelled to reveal relational aspects found in nature. I am intrigued by the relational aspects organic forms have with one another. I use gestural marks of colorful paint to describe truths about human co-existence. I observe natural occurrences and create visual metaphors. These visual metaphors describe intimate thoughts and feelings on humanity and my personal relationships. I hope that the viewer is moved by my paintings as much as I am moved by humanity and the natural world around me.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art

SUNY Purchase College, Purchase, NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in visual arts,
concentration in drawing and painting.
Minor in Art history